About The VIP VAULT....

About The VIP VAULT....

Sep 15, 2021

Hi Everyone!

If you have recently visited www.djharveyyeah.com, you would have noticed a new VIP VAULT.

And if you have recently visited my Mixcloud you would have noticed I have not been uploading full mixes anymore.

In a future post I will explain my views about Mixcloud in detail and why I have decided to publish short highlights instead.

I truly appreciate the support I have received over the last few months from the regulars and the awesome legends who have gone one step further and bought me coffees and other donations.

So with that in mind I have added a special VIP VAULT that contains the FULL versions of the mixes you see on Mixcloud. Here you will be able to fast forward and rewind and it has no replay limits (unlike Mixcloud). It is hidden behind a password and I have decided that the true VIP supporters of my work should have exclusive access to this.

If you have already shown your support through a coffee you will automatically receive the VAULT password very soon.

If you are a regular viewer that has been chatting on my live stream and keeping the party alive I invite you to send me an email at [email protected] with the subject "TheVaultPassword" and provide your username for Twitch/Mixcloud so I know who you are and i will send you the password.

For everyone anyone, access to the Vault is FREE and does not require a money donation or coffee if you a regular follower of my live streams and support my work. Same as above, just send me a nice email telling me who you are and I will send you the password.

If you are a strong supporter of my work, you can always show your appreciation through a coffee or even through a simple gesture such as following/subscribing on TWITCH and/or MIXCLOUD but more importantly, don't be shy and come say hello on the chat when I am streaming live! That doesn't cost anything and is great fun for everyone not just me!

It has been very time consuming to make all these changes but stay tuned as I am working on some other goodies for all the special VIPs and regulars!

A massive thanks!


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