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The Seduction of Liz Cheney

The Seduction of Liz Cheney

Aug 20, 2022

Liz Cheney was a failure, not simply for targeting Trump, but more importantly, for surrendering to the seduction of Washington, DC. Unlike her father, a largely self-made millionaire who once worked through college to pay his own way, Liz was raised with the privilege of political and economic power paid by Dick Cheney's sacrifice. Consequently, her name, not her deeds, earned her the trust of Wyoming voters. She failed them.

Wyoming is a small, and by electoral standards, an insignificant state. However, it is a wealthy state, both monetarily and naturally. It has an abundance of cattle, oil, gas, and water. The reason Cheney was so important to the national GOP was that she could bring high value donors to the party from her home state. That is why K-Street loved her. That is why the establishment loved her. Typically, Representatives-at-Large are powerless. That is not true of a Wyoming Rep. Wyoming is to the GOP what little Connecticut is to the DNC: a bank.

The bigger failure for Cheney was not the targeting of Trump. It was the inability of Cheney to leverage her attacks on Trump to mitigate the attacks of Biden upon Wyoming's resources. The Biden Administration's policies have been decidedly anti-Wyoming. They are anti-beef industry, anti-natural gas, anti-oil, and effectively contrary to the needs of Wyoming donors.

Unlike her father, who would have leveraged an attack on a popular political rival to bring some benefit to his home state, Liz was seduced by Washington-centric elite circles. She should have been serving the Wyoming voters, or at least, the Wyoming elites. She was far too privileged and politically incompetent to do that which she needed to do. She believed CNN's definition of Trump more than blogs coming out of Rawlins, Green River, or Rock Springs. Her belief in Trump's unpopularity negated the cold, political calculation that her father would have brought to Biden: what's in this for me?

The tragedy that is Liz Cheney is one that unfolds routinely among Republicans. They get elected by local red state voters, go to Washington, then forget their constituents needs, values, and priorities. They are seduced by Washingtonian power and narratives that do not translate to grass roots victories. As such, Cheney's will be added to the many political gravestones of history.

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