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Last Week at Dixie Fest

Last Week at Dixie Fest

Jul 15, 2023

This time last week, Dixie Fest began at Dixie Republic, Travelers Rest, South Carolina. It was an astounding day, filled with events from a massive CSA flag raising ceremony to a League of the South conference. In total, the day was a huge success.

To begin, I had the privilege of speaking at the League conference. A video recording of the speech should be available soon. I was honored to share a stage with Dr. MIchael Hill, Mark Thomey, and the indefatigable Sam Dickson. It was a hot day, as most Southern July days are. Still, all the men acquitted themselves well. It is my personal opinion that I am not a very good public speaker and prefer writing. The messaging, however, was perfectly intertwined.

Mr. Thomey spoke of secession and articulated a reason for its necessity using a broken marriage as a euphemism. I spoke next on the subject of doing more for our people to lift them to new heights and inspiring them to see themselves as a people worthy of their freedom. Dr. Hill spoke of the need to reinvigorate masculinity and sought new Southern leaders ("Where are our artistocrats?"). Finally, Mr. Dickson - who described his own speech as a series of meandering thoughts (often witty and entertaining) on a variety of topics - reinforced the need for a new elite and discussed the racial dynamics of modernity and the South.

The League Conference was relatively small. It hosted about 50 people with swells up to roughly one hundred by curious onlookers. That was disappointing given the fact that nearly 1500 people came through Dixie Fest throughout the day - especially the evening.

What was encouraging were two things. First, the number of folks who asked questions about the rapid collapse of these United States. To a person, no one believes the United States will survive the next ten years. Second, the number of energized young activists. Throughout the day, my interactions with GenZ led me to really feel a break is coming on behalf of a movement that is growing quietly.

One young man - I will call him "John" - was very impressive. His understanding of technical solutions to communications were exactly what the movement needs. He readily offered advice that some of the older members needed to hear. John was one of about 10 - 15 younger people within the League meeting. Outside of the League meeting, hundreds of younger participants came to the event - many in their twenties with small children, raising them to love the South and their people.

Bikers, hikers, and curious travelers came into a party like environment that included a "Dunk Biden" booth, food trucks, axe throwing, and various other activities. The store was packed and various podcasts were recorded live from the event.

The event concluded with a live recording of James Edwards' The Political Cesspool. A party like atmosphere ensued, with drinks, commentary, deep discussions, and good natured ribbing. It was an event that reminded all of us that we are on the ascendancy.

PS - this past week's DOR was not recorded. Instead, I did the Barnes Review podcast with John Friend. A link will be shared shortly. It was just a really busy week. The regular DOR will resume this coming week, but keep an eye out for a short recording in the next couple of days.

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