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Keeping Southerners Out of the Military

Keeping Southerners Out of the Military

Jul 06, 2023

The Wall Street Journal has reported that veterans - especially Southerners - have stopped encouraging their children to join the US military. That is great news, but we cannot take our foot off the gas. We need to deprive the world of its progressive shock troops who kill on behalf of woke modernity and Satanic values.

This Fall, we hope to send fliers and purchase billboards in areas of high recruitment concentration that will suppress military recruitment by using the Department of Defense's own language against it, as well as known factors that depress interest in military service. The beauty of that strategy is that the military cannot deny or disown their comments without facing severe, leftwing backlash. They are gifting us the tools we need.

A recently published Heritage Foundation study entitled "Report of the National Independent Panel on Military Service and Readiness" included a survey of American service members in which 80% of active duty members indicated that the military's full and unhinged embrace of transgenderism has negatively impacted their trust in the military by either "A Great Deal" (56%) or "Some" (24%). The military's reduction in physical fitness requirements to achieve equity impacted trust in the service by 70%. Meanwhile, the emphasis on Critical Race Theory by the Chief of Naval Operations negatively affected 69% of respondents. We can use this insight to kill recruitment.

In 2022, West Point - an institution that trains (primarily) US Army officers - issued programming that included "whiteness" as a threat that needed to be eradicated from the United States and purged from the military. We can use their own words to target potential rural and exurban White recruits. "What are your chances of getting promoted in a US military that seeks to purge 'whiteness'?"

These and other examples provide significant fire power to our anti-military recruitment endeavors. Our goal is to crush a vile globalist government. Depriving them of shock troops is effectively the lowest hanging fruit in our war against Washington.

Keeping Southerners out of the US military is a cause worth fighting for.

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