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Sun enters Sagittarius 22nd November 202 ...

Sun enters Sagittarius 22nd November 2021 2.34 GMT

Nov 22, 2021

For any other of you Sagittarius risings out there; if you have felt as I have through the Scorpio Sun time that you wanted to retreat into a safe, warm space away from the world but couldn’t, I am totally with you. I felt a weight lifted from me when I woke up this morning.

The Sun has entered Sagittarius, which is good news for us all as it moves one planet out of all the difficult squares and oppositions that have been bombarding everyone over the last few weeks. Mars is still very strong in its own sign of Scorpio and the opposition to Uranus is in play still, so there could still be some fireworks left to go off yet!

Sagittarius is the house of great exploration, be it of the physical body or the mind; travel, and libraries. The Sun as the representation of our soul/spirit, creativity, heart, and authority figures that we respect, bring the idea of the high priestess, the mage, or the guru figure, a guide that lights our path forward. Therefore looking for a way to broaden the mind to uplift our soul is the theme for the month.

Jupiter rules the sign and brings a feeling of joy and anticipation to the season ahead. As we prepare for various festivals over the next month all based on ideas of the rebirth of the light, the feeling of awe and excitement for the end of year festivities is felt.

Mercury follows quickly on the heels of the Sun on Wednesday, not a favourite spot for Mercury especially as They are invisible under the beams of the Sun but, They are adaptable and will still be able to parse the message that the Sun is wanting to bring.

There have been many incidents recently that need a different perspective, a big picture view. The future is never certain but the Sun in Sagittarius is always looking for a brighter prospect. No certainty can ever be delivered, but the most enduring characteristic I believe of Sagittarius is the one of hope.


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