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Full Moon in Pisces, Tuesday 20th Septem ...

Full Moon in Pisces, Tuesday 20th September 2021, 00.55 GMT

Sep 21, 2021

At the halfway point of the Moon cycle now, it has certainly been an eventful two weeks out there in the world.

The Full Moon is an opposition of the Sun and Moon. This one is placed at the end of the Sun's journey through Virgo at 28° of the sign, with the Moon opposite at 28° Pisces. The last two degrees in all signs are classed as being weak spots for any planet there, a planet at 29° is called being anaretic. This is a bit like being at a party at the last two dances of the evening, everyone is a bit tired, feet are aching and you just want your bed! These last few degrees of any of the 12 signs are in the Egyptian Terms of either Mars or Saturn the two malefic planets, which explains why we can feel a weakness here.

In the UK the Ascendant for the Full Moon chart will be Cancer, the sign the Moon rules. There are a lot of feelings here that need to be processed and the Full Moon is asking us to look inwardly, this is not a time to be making big plans for physical manifestations.

This Full Moon is one for establishing what needs to be prepared for the long winter nights ahead. How are you going to keep busy and motivated once the balance of night and day is in the favour of long dark nights? Have you got something to keep your brain occupied and your soul full of light?

Pisces can sometimes lead us astray with illusion or falsehood, this is something to watch out for, especially with respect to what is happening in the world. However, it does reflect back to us that it is the Full Moon, after all, so be careful what you consume through the media and the gossip you hear, try and disassociate from anything that can drain your inner resources.

Think back to the beginning of this Moon's cycle at the Virgo New Moon. We were looking at the health of the body, collecting and discerning the material things that need to be kept or discarded. Now here at the Full Moon Pisces asks us to do the same for the soul. If you are looking for a new source of inner exploration I feel this is the Full Moon to start that journey. Pisces is the sign of connecting not just on a one-to-one level but on THE cosmic one-to-one, as part of the continuous whole of the Universe. Finding a way to connect inwardly helps us then to conjoin to that wellspring of Universal energy. For those of you who practice any kind of spirituality, this is the time for plugging into that source within.

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