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Astrology headlines; Venus ingress into ...

Astrology headlines; Venus ingress into Scorpio, Friday 10th September 2021 21.39GMT

Sep 10, 2021

Friday is the day of Venus; apt that today she is our main focus seeing the planet moving into a new sign.

Venus has enjoyed her time at home, wining, dining, entertaining, connecting, chatting and winning over friends and enemies. She has been tentatively holding the balance and status quo, now however she has to accept that a new tact has to be employed. Venus is definitely going to have to get her femme fatal or straight out biker chick mode on to deal with the upcoming themes as the move to Scorpio brings a very different dynamic.

As I was thinking about what to write today, looking at the aspects that Venus is going to make through the sign of Scorpio, I got thinking about the story of Pandora's box. This weekend will feel intense to start with as the Moon is also in the sign, so both Receptive/Yin quality planets are co-present. With the memory of 9/11 going to be on a lot of peoples minds and in their memories, quite rightly there will be intense emotions connected to this in the general populace.

The connection to Uranus by opposition is the start of an eruptive stage, where things that have been boxed up, hidden and stored away are going to be thrown wide open. As we are dealing with Venusian energy, I can see for example amongst other things, groups demanding women's rights or a woman unveiling something important that has been tucked away. There are many places in the news worldwide that fit these themes at the moment.

Pandora let her curiosity get the better of her in the story. As Venus moves through Scorpio she will search for the beauty to be found in the dark, slightly spooky interior of Mars' night sign. Venus spies a beautifully carved box and once Venus desires something, there is no way she can let the urge go. As we know from the story, once the truths and horrors are out of the box, we cannot un-know them.

Over the next couple of weeks the square to Saturn is also going to connect to the story. Pandora tries her best to shut the lid on all the nasties spewing out but to no avail. Saturn is the astrological container, it is going to do it's best to contain whatever comes out from the secrets that are unleashed; look out for more structured and demanding mandates coming out and the backlash that will come from that. Where there are forces pushing too far one way, there will always be equal force pushing back. This push me pull you situation is going to be very intense and very difficult for Venus to find harmony and balance.

Pandora became another of the feminine scapegoats of antiquity, (let's blame all evil on women hey?!) but of course the one thing she does find at the bottom of the box is 'Hope' and that is very much a theme for Sagittarius. We need to channel our inner goth girl/biker chick/ kickass feminine side (everyone has feminine energy so this applies to all humans!) and stand up for what we believe in. finding a way to mediate in a world that is not at all stable. Then, when Venus enters Sagittarius on 7th October with hard work and a bit of luck we will find that spark of Hope at the bottom of the box.

Over the next few weeks, the most important thing we can do in a world that may seem as if it is coming apart at the seams, is to find our inner space of calm. Spend as much time away from stressful situations, it's really not the time to get into anything that is petty or trite. The energy has to be saved for the things that are really important to us personally. We cannot control the forces of the energies of the outer planets like Saturn & Uranus but we can help our inner Venus. Look at ways that you can reconnect to yourself and those around you that are important to you, inner balance is the way to navigate this time.

Unless of course if you strongly need to be a child of the revolution, then at least be revolting with style and grace

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