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Astro forecast Venus Conjunct Pluto @ 25 ...

Astro forecast Venus Conjunct Pluto @ 25° Capricorn, 11TH December 16.29 GMT. Leading into

Dec 10, 2021

Venus is the planet that likes to harmonise, bring together different elements, enjoy, love, and bring beauty. At the moment Venus is slowing down in Saturn's receptive/feminine sign of Capricorn, getting ready to turn retrograde on the 19th. This is not a rare occurrence for Venus, she has retrograde periods every 18 months approximately for around 40 days. What is unusual is her transit from the point of view of us on Earth, She seems to conjunct the exact point of Pluto just as she slows down and then stations direct.

I doubt there are any astrologers out there not taking notes and writing about this but I wanted to add my thoughts.

If you read my musings often, you will know I like a good story to go along with my astrology. As I was driving home earlier I was thinking about the Venus/Pluto combination, you will hear themes of love, lust, jealousy, infatuation, dark secrets being unearthed, femme fatale types, addictions, wealthy and powerful women. However, we have also to consider the sign this combination is meeting in. This is not a frivolous, party sign. Capricorn appreciates hard work, a task to aim for, recognition for an extended effort, working alone, and achieving solid, tangible results.

The story that came to mind was Snow White, both the Disney version because I kept getting the picture of the Dwarf Doc checking all the diamonds (which is perfect for this combination) and also a fabulous Neil Gaiman short story ‘’Snow, Glass, Apple’’, written from the perspective of the Queen rather than Snow White, it’s one of his best in my humble opinion, very dark just like the Grimm original but with a masterful twist.

If we consider the Snow White theme, she is very Venusian in the beautiful young maiden guise. Snow White is then for this purpose Venus in direct motion. She has youth on her side, everyone seemingly is drawn in by her beauty and grace, even once she gets abducted, the Queen's woodsman falls for her charms and leaves her in the forest rather than cutting out her heart. The Queen is the Pluto/Venus dynamic, she still has great beauty, she has worked her way (Capricorn) to becoming the Queen and does not want to give ground to the upstart stepdaughter princess. Her jealous, obsessive nature (Venus/Pluto) makes her plot revenge to the point of asking for the young maiden to be murdered. That’s pretty intense!

Once Snow White manages to find sanctuary in the cottage of the Dwarves, she has to work to earn her keep (literally Venus in Capricorn). She cooks, cleans, and keeps house whilst the Dwarves go down into their mine to bring up the mineral ‘fruits’ of the subterranean world. How very Pluto in Capricorn!

Of course, once the Queen finds out that the beautiful princess is still alive, her jealousy and obsessive behaviour just increase, she has to go back to the drawing board to concoct a new evil scheme to kill off the girl (Venus retrograding and conjunct Pluto for the second time). This takes the skill she has built up over years of being a sorceress which would be many, many years of study, hard work, and planning to get to the point of being able to poison an apple, THE Venusian fruit but make it look delicious.

Depending on which version of the story you read, (and this is the point of astrology) the ending can be one of many when Venus makes her final conjunction with Pluto on 3rd March 2022.

If you like the Happily Ever After version, she finds love, (from whomever she wants it from please, the Prince is just an archetype,) it can be a literal love partner or a deep friendship, a new fabulous job, a beautiful, new home, an art project that gets finally completed. Any number of possibilities are available, the rewards would come from a sustained time of hard work, and some kind of revelation or realisation that things could not stay the same, and had to be changed in some way.

Of course, not everyone will see these changes as a good thing. Venus also represents the Queen in this story, and from her point of view as a jealous, vindictive, clever beautiful woman with an agenda, she does not come up smelling of roses! If the Queens persona takes us over and we become infatuated with the Venusian desire, it can cause immense upset, heartbreak, and endings we don’t want. The key as with any transit is to be aware of the energy and try to adjust our inner dialogue. Of course in life, tough situations occur externally, but we do have the free will to make the internal changes to avert many self-made disasters.

Astrology is a way of looking at the themes that pervade the time, it is the energy that envelops us all, whether we want it to or not. Whichever Whole Sign House Capricorn rules in your chart are where the energy will be felt the strongest for you. It does not have to be love, it could be in your finances, body, work, or home, but the Venus signature, of trying to harmonise something in that area will be important. So have a look at your chart and ask yourself, where are you obsessing about desires that may be unhealthy, or where can you put in extra work to gain the things that need to be bought to the surface? Are there any themes that have played out similar to the last time Venus was retrograde in Capricorn in 2013, and again went through this connection with Pluto at 12/13°. It’s good to reflect on the past and how that time played out, what can be learned from that time and put to use now?

Venus in Capricorn is literally a long slog through to March, we have time to feel this energy on a number of levels. Working in a methodical way forward, creating a structure with a strong foundation is the way to get the best results.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season ahead. And stay away from apples that look too good to be true!

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