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Astro forecast, Sun ingress into Scorpio ...

Astro forecast, Sun ingress into Scorpio, Saturday 23rd October 2021 05.51 BST

Oct 23, 2021

As the Sun leaves its fall in Libra, it seems a bit strange that moving into Scorpio the Sun would be happier here. However, as I often think during Libra season, the Sun, though beautiful when rising and setting giving us wonderful reds and oranges in the sky, always feels a little sad, as we know the light is fading rapidly into the dark part of the year.

Once the Sun moves into Scorpio season I start to think about the way light is used in the darkness, how when we are entering into a dark room we can feel tense anticipation of what is in the space, our skin can prickle, our breath becomes a bit shorter, it is only once we turn the light on that we can then see clearly what is hiding (for good or ill) in the dark. The Sun in Scorpio is the miner’s hard hat light. As we enter the underworld we need that focused intense light to guide us towards the treasure hidden in the depth of the Earth. Once we have located the treasure, we can bring it up, polish it off to create a thing of great beauty. All of this takes immense work and dedication.

Scorpio loves this intensity, it is the fixed water sign, water being the feelings and emotions. If you truly try to fix water you get ice, but really it is only one form of a substance that can be all shapes and forms. Scorpio is known for being magnetic, secretive, and stubborn which, someone very close to me with a Scorpio ascendant says is true, and they are very happy about it too!

This Sun Scorpio season is going to really pin down that energy as we have the whole sign square to Saturn and Jupiter. The Saturn square is at its strongest at the beginning of the cycle as the energy applies from now until its exact square on 30th October. Saturn will restrict the self-expression the Sun is trying to give in Scorpio, there could be something that needs to be worked at, that takes time, or can be restrictive to our inner light.

Mars enters its watery night home of Scorpio on 30th October which, helps to initiate anything we feel passionately about, and fixes the intention to move forward with great energy.

Mercury follows suit on the 6th where They will be quickly zipping through the sign, uncovering all the hidden news, information, and gossip, then broadcasting all those secrets!

Leading up to the 4th of November, the Sun will be applying to the opposition to Uranus which, can bring some unexpected revelations. This is a particularly interesting portent as this is the day of the Scorpio New Moon, it’s not the Moon's happy place to start with but add the Uranus opposition there could be some emotions that come up from a very deep place and erupt, it’s a charged time.

Once we get to the middle of the month of November the Sun will be applying to the Jupiter square, which will certainly feel less restrictive than the one to Saturn, it does, however, ask us to look at what freedom really means to our self-expression, it does not mean we have to overindulge, become bombastic, or overly egotistical which, can happen when the Sun and Jupiter are squared. Using this energy to push ourselves to express our best selves is the aim here.

The partial Lunar eclipse on 19th November will be adding to the emotional intensity of all that is happening, (as if Scorpio needs to be further intensified?!) My tutor Chris Brennan always says that an eclipse at a vital point in your chart brings great endings and great beginnings. For those of you with anything at around 27° Scorpio or Taurus, this is a time to look deeply at what you want to transform in your life, how can you manifest a healthier happier you?

Hoping that the Scorpio season brings you a chance to transform your life for the better.

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