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Astro forecast, Mercury Conjunct Sun, Mo ...

Astro forecast, Mercury Conjunct Sun, Monday 29th November 2021, 04.39 GMT

Nov 28, 2021

As Mercury joins in conjunction with the Sun in Sagittarius, I can’t help but think about the royal herald being summoned back by the King or Queen, to collect the edicts that need to be announced to the world.

This conjunction happens in a decan ruled by Mercury, which connects to the tarot card the 8 Wands, its Hermetic title The Lord of Swiftness. This is a card that represents the quick thoughts, messages, and ideas that the human mind when, at its best is capable of. On a mundane level, it represents messages and information we take in quickly.

Mercury when in conjunction with the Sun is invisible to us on Earth, They are ‘under the beams’, so at the moment the communications are held within, or under a bright light, so we can’t hear or see what is happening. It won’t be until 25th December that Mercury will be out from under the beams and just visible. It will be interesting to see what information with a Sagittarius theme of exploration, freedom, adventure, and overextending ideals and hopes will be building over these next few weeks. We probably won’t get the pronouncements until what, for many of us will be the festive season, celebrating the return of the light at the Solstice. Before that point though, there is a Solar eclipse in Sagittarius, so this could create a big impact on the news with regards to world leaders, heads of corporations, or authority figures. Look out for big news in those realms, especially for persons or countries with strong Sagittarius energy in the chart.

For us now as the conjunction takes place, we can feel that communication is withheld either within ourselves or kept to a select few. Sagittarius is a sign where we seek a future that is better and brighter than the current time we live in, sometimes that can be a distant dream or even just blind faith. However, as a Sagittarius rising myself, I cannot help but always have a sense of hope and excitement for the future, even in the darkest of times. After all, nothing ever stays the same, change is the only constant.

Therefore, find something that inspires you to expand your intellect or your worldview, have you got a plan for the future? If not, maybe now is the time to think about the changes that need to be made in the new year to come, write down goals and aspirations that you would like to work towards. You do not have to tell anyone quite yet what it is that has sparked your inspiration for change, but making a plan can help to focus the mind, rather than leaving ideas scattered and formless. 🐝

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