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Astro forecast Mars opposite Uranus 17th ...

Astro forecast Mars opposite Uranus 17th – 18th November 2021

Nov 14, 2021

This transit has been building since Mars entered Scorpio, as in the Hellenistic tradition as soon as the planet moves into a sign the feeling of any connections that planet will make is felt. It’s a bit like being in a bedroom and hearing someone coming through the front door. In this case, the front door was kicked in and Mars is stomping up the stairs in all His armor.

The opposition is seen as a confrontation in the chart, a facing off against the other planet, neither side wants to give ground so there is a tug of war feeling. Uranus (or Prometheus as Richard Tarnas proposed) is the planet that likes to shock, revolutionise, rebel, create change, inspire, electrify a situation. If you picture Mars stomping up the stairs to face off against the God of change, this would not be a space mere mortals would want to be in!

This is the energy that permeates at the moment, as I said this has been noticeable since Mars entered the sign. Last week I wrote a warning to keep calm, that was as Mercury was going through the same opposition to Uranus. I however could not even take my own advice knowing how the energies were astrologically and ended up being swept up in an argument, all the while in my head thinking Mercury/Mars/Uranus! Therefore as Mars is now the planet making the exact aspect we all need to consider what that energy could mean on a mundane world level and for us personally.

This week, really pay attention to times when you feel your anger getting the better of you, frustrations are likely, so looking for ways to safely release the pressure valve is vital to keeping a semblance of control. However, extreme sports are also probably not the best option, Uranus brings the unexpected, which means no matter how much you plan, there could be something that happens that there is no planning for. I actually do feel that honoring the energies is a good way to keep from complete calamity. Therefore healthy competition, be it sport, chess, a good verbal debate, a rap battle even, something that can be martial in a way that can also have the element of a surprise attack could be helpful.

There are so many other planetary combinations added into this mix and an eclipse at the end of the week to top it all. This will have some interesting, unexpected elements to it, therefore by its very nature, there is no chance of predicting the unexpected!

Remind yourself of the energies before you set out each day and stay connected to your inner voice.

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