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Astro Forecast; Friday 5th November Venu ...

Astro Forecast; Friday 5th November Venus enters Capricorn 10.44 GMT, Mercury enters Scorp

Nov 04, 2021

This Scorpio season really is a busy astrology period. I opened my diary to add an appointment in and at some point in the past this year I have marked out the whole following two weeks as ‘stay calm days’! I will have to remember to take my own advice!

Venus is about to enter the sign of Capricorn, preparing to don her power suit, packing her briefcase ready to march into the boardroom and take control. This is not a Venus who is all lovey-dovey, this is a Venus looking to take back what she feels has been misused, rein in what has gotten out of control, or blatantly stolen from her. I personally like this side of Venus, it gives Her the strength to get the beautiful, relational things she loves so much, built for the long term, not for frivolous projects. True works of art, lasting relationships, things of beauty take time, effort, and commitment, Capricorn has all of that and more. It’s a Cardinal sign, ruled by Saturn the God of Time it likes to instigate, push ahead, work hard and apply itself. The issue will be once we get to 19th December and Venus then retrogrades back through the sign and stays there until 6th March 2022, it is literally a long time to be all work and no play; so very Capricorn in nature.

We have all been in a meeting that goes on, and on, and on because one person feels the need to put their point across in every which way. The relationships can then go stale, the others in the room, rather than feeling energised and motivated, begin to think only of their freedom; where is the coffee machine?! As this is going to be Venus at work for a long period it makes me think that maybe joy and laughter are not going to be at the top of the agenda through this transit? Especially once she conjoins Pluto in February (but let’s not dwell on that just yet).

Venus looks to create beauty and pleasant connections wherever She goes. In the sign of Capricorn, which is a sign of structure, hard work, and dedication to a goal, we can look to creating artwork that would stand the test of time, sculpture, pottery, life drawing, ballet, learning a musical instrument. All of these pursuits are a healthy expression of the Venusian, creating a lasting business or working relationship are also good things to put into practice. Remember that any Planet that retrogrades will firstly bring some benefits, then some pushback, and then forward momentum after a bit of a setback, keep that in mind and hopefully you won’t be disappointed.

Mercury is about to run the gauntlet through Scorpio, almost as if They want to get as much distance from Mars, the Sun, and the hard aspects to Uranus and Saturn. They enter Scorpio on 6th November and are out into Sagittarius by the 25th. Whilst They race through the sign the Scorpionic themes will be picked up and communicated, therefore beware of secrets being bought up to the surface and broadcast, hidden information from the depths being discovered. This can cause some unnecessary hurt, as Scorpio is an emotional sign prone to secret seething and a propensity for revenge, not healthy for anyone; hence my warning to myself to stay calm.

The positive side of this combination is the ability for Scorpio to examine every angle of the situation and, sit with the difficult, challenging emotions that other signs fear to delve into. Scorpio has to feel the absolute highs along with the deepest lows to be able to say they have experienced the whole human process. Mercury in the sign can articulate through speech and writing, how these themes affect the psyche, how the emotions should be processed, and then how to communicate them to others. This is a great combination for any psychological, shamanic, magical, etc workings, where we are trying to communicate to ourselves and others our deepest needs, fears, hopes, and dreams. Difficult work indeed, but necessary for personal growth.

With the Sun also in the sign, this is where time spent with these themes this month can be valuable. Intense, but the treasure that can be mined through this period is pure gold, we can truly find that essence of what makes our hearts sing.

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