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Unlock Custom Divi Column Structures for ...

Unlock Custom Divi Column Structures for Mobile Devices Using CSS Grid

Oct 19, 2023

Divi is known for its stunning desktop design capabilities, offering a wide array of column structures. However, when it comes to mobile devices, it can be a bit limiting.

If you've ever felt the need for more flexibility in Divi's row layouts on phones and tablets, you're in luck. In this tutorial, we're going to show you how to create custom column structures for mobile devices using responsive CSS grid. The best part? No plugins are required, and it's compatible with all modern web browsers. Get ready to enhance your Divi design toolkit and craft responsive row layouts like never before!

Unlocking New Possibilities:

With our responsive CSS grid system, you can unlock a variety of custom column structures for mobile and tablet devices. These new layouts allow you to design with precision, ensuring that your website looks just as good on smaller screens as it does on desktops.

Enjoy Complete Control:

Our CSS grid system empowers you with complete control over your mobile and tablet designs, without the need for additional plugins. You can now create unique and eye-catching column structures that adapt perfectly to different screen sizes.

Tutorial: Create Custom Divi Column Structures In Mobile Devices With CSS Grid »


Incorporating custom Divi column structures for mobile devices is a game-changer for your web design projects. With our responsive CSS grid system, you'll be able to craft layouts that are as appealing and functional on phones and tablets as they are on desktops. Say goodbye to design limitations and hello to unlimited creative possibilities with Divi. Don't wait; start enhancing your Divi design toolkit today and create stunning, responsive row layouts like a pro!

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