Why I Do What I Do

Why I Do What I Do

Apr 12, 2022

Earlier this week, a woman on Instagram reached out to let me know she’d finally said something to her doctor about her depression and the suicidal thoughts she’d been having for awhile. She told me she’d been watching my videos and they gave her hope.

Not everyone is comfortable with me sharing my story. It’s not easy or fun to talk about suicide, trauma, depression, therapy, anxiety, and living a life that’s not all sunshine and daisies. I understand that because there are times I don’t even want to talk about it, but it’s the life I live.

Fresh out of the hospital in 2019, my Momma told me that God would use what I was going through. I looked at her like she was crazy, but Mommas be knowing 🙄😁

I’m so thankful for second chances. I’m thankful for loved ones seeing what’s to come and not being focused on where you’re at. I’m thankful to be here and have given someone hope and strength to ask for help.

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