Official trailer for TALES OF THE CURSED

Official trailer for TALES OF THE CURSED

Feb 05, 2022

A mysterious book appears at Max’s (Juan Diaz Jr.) doorstep. As he is compelled to open the hideous tome bound in twisted flesh, he finds astonishing stories that witness madness! As Max bears witness to these horrific allegories, he finds the book is looking for another soul to swallow.

TALES OF THE CURSED is a horror anthology in the spirit of CREEPSHOW, THE MONSTER CLUB and TALES FROM THE CRYPT, with segments directed by Corey Rolley, Jose Pelaez, Christian F. Siege and Juan Diaz.

A man (Corey Rolley) finds nothing but tragedy, death & zombies in the apocalyptic TRAIL OF THE DEAD. With Josh King, Eric Cessna & Xander Cessna.

THE DREADING is a giallo inspired story of witchcraft, ghosts & murder. With Lucia Martinez, Alfredo Rodriguez and Jose Pelaez.

A warlock accidentally summons the wrong demon in THE SUMMONER, which features stop motion creature effects. Starring Johannes Zehent and Christian F. Siege.

In CHROME CITY 3000, a stranger (Rafael Herrera) must traverse a dangerous wasteland on a mission of revenge in the year 3000. With Matthew Maracallo, Juan Diaz Jr., and special guest villain Juan Hernandez.

The wraparound segment BOOK OF DARKNESS was written & directed by The Directory, an international no-budget filmmaking collective.

Theme music by Dustin Delgado.


Coming soon to streaming and a special edition DVD, loaded with features.

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