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november 24, 2021 — rainy wednesday

november 24, 2021 — rainy wednesday

Nov 24, 2021

It's quite windy right now. I can hear wind shaking the only window of this room, it is quite a peaceful sound. I feel better today as there is something lurking in my mind, waiting and rubbing its hands patiently. It is a new wet story idea, of course. A story of friendship, ruin, cursed family, haunting, and love. Although I myself don't have the details yet, I can almost picture it on the paper and it gives me a peculiar joy that does not resemble anything that is material (or that is to say, that can be corruptible).

The primary source of fascination has always been characters for me in novels. Character-driven stories have the capacity to shrink and enlarge with ease because characters already pervade words irrevocably and it totally erases author, also the action. What matters is that unique heart, trembling hand, or unruly hair. Action becomes an excuse to hold these characters a little longer in our hands. Anyways, my point is that I want to heavily focus on characters while figuring out this story. It will be a Gothic story with a woman main character, that I am sure of but I want to put these characters in flesh as much as possible. I feel quite challenged which is why I am quite excited as well. I have been writing down ideas and visiting some of the classical Gothic novels, novellas, and short stories to inspire myself. Gothic is such an intricate genre that I can't keep myself away from, so it is particularly important for me to do it justice. I want to write a story that I remember with pride.

I don't know when I'll be actually writing this story: I'm trying to juggle between university, internship applications, grad school applications, social life, mental health, etc. It is a lot, so even if I'm visiting this idea from time to time I'm not complaining. Good things take time and I want to give myself the space to explore different types of narratives, characters, perspectives, and settings.

How are you all doing? Are you working on anything right now? Just floating around (because honestly, that's what I've been doing)? Let me know.

Today's artwork is by Artemisia Gentileschi.

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