Episode 36: Snapshot [1979]

Episode 36: Snapshot [1979]

Feb 12, 2024

New Episode Alert: "Snapshot" Explored on "A Dingo Ate My Movie"

Hey there, film lovers and Aussie cinema enthusiasts!

We've just rolled out our latest episode on the "A Dingo Ate My Movie" podcast, and it's a dive into the world of Australian cult classics that you won't want to miss. This time, we're venturing into the intriguing and suspenseful realms of the 1979 thriller, "Snapshot."

This late-70s Australian gem, directed by Simon Wincer, is a captivating mix of drama and suspense, set in the glitzy yet gritty world of the Australian modeling scene. It's a film that perfectly encapsulates the era while delivering a story that's as engaging today as it was back then.

In this episode, we dissect everything from the film's compelling narrative to its vivid portrayal of 1970s Australia. We're talking about the production, its cultural significance, and its unique position in the Aussie film industry. And, of course, we delve into some exclusive behind-the-scenes anecdotes that are sure to intrigue!

And the cherry on top? We're joined by Annette from the "Two Crones and a Book" podcast. Annette brings her unique perspective and insights into "Snapshot," discussing its cult status, its impact on Australian cinema, and those standout moments that left us all in awe.

Ready for a nostalgic trip into Australian film history with "Snapshot"? Plug in your headphones and join us for this exciting episode. And hey, if you're enjoying our journey through Aussie cinema, consider supporting us on Buy Me a Coffee. Your support helps us continue these deep explorations into film classics.

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