The first steps of the podcast

The first steps of the podcast

Nov 25, 2022

I am working with my Mastermind group. I highly recommend the value of this, as you can achieve so much more. Accountability. Idea generation. Encouragement and so forth.

I found I bounced the idea off of them and it was suggested I ensure with having a solid start and make sure I have 100 episodes, even if it's only a list.

With that, I am tinkering away with ideas for the first 100 episodes of the podcast.

I will have a number of episodes, a title, and a short description of what the episode will be about.

Once I have my 100 episodes, then I can work solidly on the details (show notes?) of each. I'm writing up this on Google sheets and I'll post a link for those who want to have a gander at it.

Another part of my process is in reviewing software for recording my podcast, I've settled on the long-standing and favoured software Audacity for Windows. (get a copy here, it's free! )

There are other wonderful applications to record and enhance the audio in the app and platform market today, but I realise that a minimum viable product is a way forward for me with my setup. Also, the fact that it's free is a bonus.

I've also been looking at which podcast platform to kick off with and have decided on

Again it's free to host and there are no ongoing charges for running a podcast. There are options with the software that I cannot use as I am not a US citizen, in terms of monetizing, but other options are available with this.

See you in the next post. That will be about the fun of recording and editing episodes.

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