The creation of a podcast - Understandin ...

The creation of a podcast - Understanding Digital Tools

Nov 05, 2022

Another podcast - really?

Does the world need another podcast?

I believe so.

This podcast (at the time of writing this post, its in infancy & planning stages and not yet published) I decided to create as I was unable to find the podcast I wanted to listen to.

I have not found a podcast that asks a simple question to solve a problem (How do I do X) and then suggests a digital tool that will at least assist or fulfill a task, that answers that question (To do X use digital tool Y).

So that is what this podcast will be about, to explain a little further,

Simply, I talk about a program or tool, a web based platform (think SaaS product) or mobile app that I use, or have come across and played with, that benefits a creator in some way. Hence the term I use broadly, 'Digital tools' that a creator uses as part of his or her 'trade'. So, Digital Tools Of The Trade.

That benefit of this podcast will be to help you create a graphic or a piece of music, or a preformatted video. It may be software that helps you make money through providing sales of your product or service, or a product that saves you time and/or money through automating tasks. It may be a tool that helps you plan your business, or create products or content, or it may be a way to distribute information (or your products or service) to a large audience.

What will this podcast help with.

Again, simply in answering a question that is providing a solution to a problem.

I will pose questions, like 'How can I become a Freelancer without setting up my own site' and I may propose the Freelance platform and explain how the platform works, and how it can answer the question, in relation to starting as a freelancer on the internet without first setting up your own website.

Another question may be 'I not a graphic designer, but I want to make my own, inexpensive YouTube thumbnails' and I may talk about a graphic design website similar but just as powerful as Canva. And I will talk on how Visme can relatively quickly, and inexpensively help you create YT thumbs.

So my aim is to help with a basic how-to on digital apps and provide simple starting point solutions to help resolve that question raised on each episode.

I propose the podcast will be a solo podcast and will be a daily episode release, for how long as a daily, I will see. I will start with 10 episodes and release this as one release, therefore to hopefully have it hit New & Noteworthy on Apple podcasts.

Will the podcast be a hit? I have no idea.

Will the podcast make money? Perhaps for a long time, a little money.

I will have affiliated links and a suggestion on each episode to 'come visit my Buy Me A Coffee page and ........ buy me a coffee'

I may perhaps eventually end up with a brand deal or two, who knows!

Whilst I won't be expecting this to help me give up my 9-5, I'm sure if this is a podcast that helps me in my digital creator of content journey, I'm sure it will help many others as well going through the same journey.

So if you have been listening to the podcast for a while now and have just come across this article, thanks for talking the time to enjoy the podcast.

Also, very much a HUGE thankyou for those of you whom have read this first, before the Premier episode even got off the ground.

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