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Monthly update - May 2021

Monthly update - May 2021

May 03, 2021

Last Month

Server infrastructure updates for Rain Alarm and Severe Weather.

Rain Alarm: Preparing data for deep learning idea; extended coverage returned for Bermuda; new Android Beta version; adapted to data changes for Netherlands and South Korea

More practical AI course: Done and started working on 2 ideas for Rain Alarm. One is to make the alarms more relevant and the other is to prepare the quality of data for regions where a lot of unwanted radar echoes show up that are not filtered by the weather service itself (especially for Argentina, Spain, and the US)

Other than that

Running progressed well and I'm almost in shape to run my 50k end of this month. Well actually it turns out it is almost 53 km this year as the course was changed. This is mainly due to logging work in big parts of the forests over in the Harz mountains that were severely hit by droughts the last couple of years. Anyway, during the next 2 weekends I will be doing long back-to-back runs that will catapult me to over 50k within 2 days and I'm a little anxious about it as this is unknown territory.

Not much more other news, just waiting for the lockdown to end and/or get vaccinated. Hopefully soon!

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