Book Promotion Tip #2: Give People a Rea ...

Book Promotion Tip #2: Give People a Reason to Buy Your Book

Feb 11, 2022

Tip #1 was to remember your "why" for writing your book. Now that you listed the reasons you wrote your book, tell your future readers, that is, your potential book buyers, why you wrote it.

You wrote your book for a reason. Did you write to entertain? To help? To inform? To make them laugh?

Did you have an experience that you want to warn readers about? Or help them by sharing what you learned? What you did right and what you did wrong?

Tell your potential reader/book buyer WHY you wrote your book. They won't know it if you don't tell them. So they can't judge if your book is what they're looking for if you don't tell them what it's about and what it's for.

But it's more than that. The vast majority of book buyers won't know your book exists if you don't say something about it. So just say something. Something that is helpful to your reader.

Take the statements your wrote down in Tip #1 and turn each one into a statement that tells your future reader/book buyers what they'll get if they read your book.

That's simple, right?

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