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You Are Not a Burden

You Are Not a Burden

Mar 29, 2021

For the longest time, I never liked sharing my feelings with others because I always felt like a burden to them. People are already going through a tough time, so why add more to their plate is what I’ve always thought to myself. 

I no longer think that way anymore because I KNOW that I am NOT a burden to others. And if you are thinking, “this is so relatable…” know that you are also NOT a burden to your friends and family. 

Just because you feel that you are a burden to others, you’re not. Your thoughts and feelings don’t always reflect the truth.

You’re not annoying

You’re not too much

You’re not a burden

If anyone made you feel this way, it’s not you that is the problem, but THEM. If there is anyone making you feel as if you are a burden, they don’t deserve to be in your life.  

There are people out there who love, respect, appreciate, and care about you, so please don’t ever think you are a burden. 

You matter

You are enough

You are a blessing 

You don’t need to carry this weight alone. There are so many people out there, even if it’s not your family or friends that are willing to be an ear. Therefore don’t be afraid to talk about your issues and share your emotions.

You are NOT a burden.

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