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Get Your Start Careers is Shutting Down

Get Your Start Careers is Shutting Down

Nov 20, 2021

I started building Get Your Start Careers at the end of last year with the hopes of helping people get their start in DFIR, Cybersecurity, Intelligence, or Tech. The project was mostly funded by the Covid-19 Economic Impact Payments received for making under $75,000/year.

I asked recruiters and hiring managers what they would like to see in an entry-level job board and implemented those features. I was hoping that it would be a platform for employers, recruiters, and hiring managers to easily connect to job seekers who were looking to get their start.

Candidates could create profiles and link to their blogs, CTF profiles, etc, bookmark jobs, get custom alerts for new jobs, and see how many times employers viewed their resumes.

Employers/Recruiters/Hiring Managers could post jobs, link their job posting to their company's application page or use the Get Your Start Careers application management system, add custom questions for candidates, contact unlimited candidates, see how many times their job posting was viewed, bookmark resumes, and get custom alerts for new resumes.

Since Get Your Start Careers was launched, 114 candidates signed up. Zero employers, recruiters or hiring managers have signed up.

Since no one was posting jobs, I tried to keep the job board populated by personally scouring job ads for each of the categories. This was very time-consuming but I tried to keep at it until I ended up in the ER near the end of July. My health has gone downhill since then along with my ability to keep up with everything I've been trying to do. Over 100 jobs meeting the criteria had been posted.

Get Your Start Careers costs close to $3,000/year to run compared to DFIR Diva and Get Your Start in DFIR combined which cost around $1,000/year. Teepublic merchandise sales and supporters on Buy Me a Coffee have helped tremendously with the cost of running DFIR Diva and Get Your Start in DFIR however, I'm no longer able to keep the Get Your Start Careers job board populated and don't have the funds to keep it going.

Over the next week, Get Your Start Careers will be shut down. The Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts for Get Your Start Careers will be changed to Get Your Start in DFIR. Get Your Start in DFIR is a non-profit I started that has a global job board strictly for DFIR roles requiring no prior experience in Digital Forensics or Incident Response. The Get Your Start in DFIR job board allows for job posting only with no user registration. Get Your Start in DFIR scholarship recipient profiles will be featured there when there are enough donations to provide scholarships.

Thank you to everyone who's supported me and spread the word about my sites. I appreciate you!


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