The Birth of Death, Dice and Dungeons.

The Birth of Death, Dice and Dungeons.

Sep 21, 2020

Roughly over 16 years ago, I was a wee lad who played in his first Dungeons and Dragons game. The Ruins of Undermountain I, was a vast dungeon that seemed to have no end. After the Dungeon Master of the group had to move away, he gave me all the maps and info he had. I dove in head first into the lore and stories.

Halaster Blackcloak, a mad wizard, created this vast hellish, trap infested dungeon. I became obsessed and started to gather people to play a year later and started to take notes on who died and where, what was changed, and this was all in the age of Pencil & Paper. Vinyl mats and miniatures to map out and quest into the great dungeon of Undermountain.

Recently about 3.5 years ago, I stumbled upon Roll20, a Virtual Tabletop system. The ease of which to embed note and copy over info was making my life so much easier as a Dungeon Master for this project. We launched a 3 day marathon of groups throwing themselves into the 5th Edition conversion. 5 groups went in.... very few escaped.

Since then, I've slowly been adding, tweaking and creating whatever I could in the the time I could scramble up for this project. A discord community formed and we had more tools at our disposal. became the platform to stream and record these adventures.

A few more years passed and we gained more tools at our disposal, gained allies and friends to help us with this great project. On 09/01/2020 we launched a new channel and brand. Death, Dice and Dungeons. The name was thought up by a good friend and player named Toreg.

This project and creator account is to help gain more tools, art commissions, and equipment to launch this stream, and project further than we've ever imagined.

We split the accounts of Project Undermountain and my personal account: NefariousTarnis. Now we have 2 channels, my personal... and the newly created Death, Dice and Dungeons. We have a ways to go with the channel now as we need to reach affiliate status with the new account. With a list of goals in our grasp, we shall reach for the heavens.

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