....to Infinity and Beyond!....

....to Infinity and Beyond!....

Oct 14, 2020

So, today's update is about pushing the limits of Foundry. So I decided to play around with a few programs add-ons with Foundry. Doing so, led us to be able to export our entire Roll20 Undermountain project over. Sadly, there were some hiccups but I noticed something.... bypassing map limits on Foundry. I imported all of level 1 as a single map, which would lead to a seamless playthrough of Undermountain.

We have a lot to test out, I need to add dynamic lighting to the whole dungeon and add assets to see if it will cause any problems but we voted that this is the direction I'm taking right now. I will keep you updated after I dynamically light all of Level 1 and stress test it with a few players.

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