Remember You Are Powerful

Remember You Are Powerful

Oct 26, 2022


Mann... whew. It's been quite a ride within the developer world. While focused on the Python works and also making things happen in Web3, much info has passed the eyes. Long nights and early mornings while handling 2 jobs have been the focus. Yikes... get the money of the now while innovating ideas of tomorrow is the only way to go for I must do this in order to have a greater lifestyle. What's a greater lifestyle? Well I would like to do what I love while also taking care of the people I love. Coding has been a great output for my mental health because there is so many distractions. Life throws many curve balls, but keeping the focus on the ultimate goal is key to success. Currently I am working hard to apply all the knowledge surrounding Web3 and Python to create amazing portfolio to shop around. I have been pounding the computer when available to make things happen and now I have a clear goal on where to go with everything. At first I started the journey to focus on software in a web2 space, but now truly understanding where things are going with Web3... it's only right I take heed.

While studying and networking I've found myself at times discouraged looking at other projects. Sometimes I say to myself, "damn Orion... what is the boundary of having you gaining a role as a Python developer in Web3"? Outside of the knowledge that I strive to gain daily, I think there's also another component. Taking the confidence in knowing what I know and applying the skill at a maximum degree. Sometimes I feel that good ole "imposter syndrome" however I've been coding for several years now (self taught) and I think I have what it takes to get the salary in some sort of way. 2 jobs aren't what I imagine to have currently, however with society much has changed. A dream of being a digital nomad has been the focus since day one and now I think that I can achieve such if the skillset is lucrative. In this scenario, Web3 is very much so if played well.

I'll end with these words that I hope inspire the many. Never give up! Never look back! Never provide yourself negative energy if feeling overwhelmed. You must truly know your power and purpose of why you are taking on any goals you want to achieve. Take all distractions and throw them out of your life for the dream you desire to achieve shouldn't be small. It's big for a reason and that is simply because it is YOURS.

Peace and Light to all.

Until next time!

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