Project : "Gal-Blox" Python

Project : "Gal-Blox" Python

Oct 26, 2022


So today I wanted to begin a project within project that I can place on the portfolio of works. What is the project? Well the project is based on the Python and Blockchain. For a while I've been working in the realm of Web3 making sure the studies and much more are applied in a manner that helps the VISION. Yes... while building projects, I always think of how to incorporate into my entrepreneurial daily. Today we shall start the blockchain built with Python called... "Gal-Blox".

Gal-Blox was thought of many moons ago when I first wanted to do things major in the web3 space. Approximately 2 years ago I was introduced to Ethereum and the whole ecosystem not understanding truly the massive Vision. That's when I took heed and started to study non stop on the components in which make the blockchain. One of those things are the infrastructure in which you can create upon. While many use languages such as C+ or JavaScript, I wanted to go with the obvious Python and Solidity (Smart Contracts). Wanted to see how far the Vision could take things being I have full insights on how to do things from creating a token to connecting metaverses. So, now the concern is where do we begin? How do we start to create a blockchain? What does the details consist of to have one created from the bottom up? Ahhhhh so many questions yet will be answered in this blog post hopefully. Well let's not waste time.

Working on this project I must first make a checklist on everything I will need to draft before I start typing code. The goal is to have it all written down so I can see it, then execute. Heads up, this is just a simple project showing the system of Web3 from a Python point of view. Please don't go heavy on me...still learning! lol. Here's what the task are the following:

  • Use Case of the Blockchain and Token

  • Simple dApp to check Token

  • Proof of Transactions Etherscan (Send and Receive Token, Purchase NFT, Integration of Metamask)

  • Web3 Game built using Python

Whew .... this shall be a challenge, but with each task completed I am adding more to the list of things under Python. I believe this also will expand the thought process for many other opportunities within the development space for startups and other agencies may have interest. Well .. I'll provide more insight in future blogs. Things such as packages and wireframes will be provided as well so don't worry about me skipping any process.

Peace and Light!

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