How to: switch to graphic design for fre ...

How to: switch to graphic design for free

Aug 26, 2021

Did you recently discovered your passion for graphic design but it’s totally different from your major? Don’t worry. Everything is possible if you want it enough!

I am an avionics engineer and a graphic designer getting my Ux/Ui diploma as I write!

I always liked to create things through pen and paper but due to hectic everyday life stopped. Only to start again but instead of only paper I create amazing stuff on Adobe and Figma!

Choosing to follow your dream freelancing career in graphic design doesn’t have to be expensive! Here are a few tips for you to get you started without spending $$$$ on courses!!

  1. Youtube. Yes, go on there and watch other designers design brands and logos and explain their process. This way you’ll get familiar with some terms and the overall feel of it. Some of my favourite YT channels are : abidesign , satori graphics , and paola kassa for more theoretical material.

  2. DO NOT , start creating logos and typography with canva… Just don’t. Instead get a free trial of Adobe Illustrator (my personal favourite) to try it out and see if it fits your style. There are many design programs like Adobe ill. out there!

  1. Read read read online! Try to read as many articles & blogs about graphic design online as you can! Then try to start applying what you learn in your everyday life. For example, start noticing packaging labels and the way the colours or typography was used. Or start noticing more shop labels and their logos. Try to see the connection -or the lack of it- of the logo with the niche of the shop! It's fun to see things others don't ( no, not ghosts..designs and typography in every day life.)

  1. HAVE FUN AND TRUST YOURSELF. No one is a big&great graphic designer right from the start! Yes, you will make some pretty shit logos at first but it's gonna be worth it. Don't compare your start to someone elses middle, someone once said. You've got this!

  1. Follow my page here for more educational content, tips and tricks and many more!

this is my first ever logo design or maybe re-branding of Kinder Chocolate...You're welcome.😂

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