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SOP U.S EVO Challenge - Round 4 Preview

SOP U.S EVO Challenge - Round 4 Preview

Feb 24, 2021

Round 4: Imola

Believe it or not but round 4 is upon us in the SOP Motorsports EVO challenge and we've seen some healthy competition all through the field. As we head to Imola, the big question remains, 'What manufacturer will reign supreme by the end, Ferrari or Mercedes ?'

Signs are slightly in favour for Mercedes. While they will be looking to blitz Ferrari on home soil today, you can't overlook the home-ground advantage and the recent performance gains we've seen from the likes of PX7-Rodrigo, RR_Katch & Le_Antonelli, all with some determination and luck could potentially lock out the top 3.

Points After Round 3: Nurburgring

MurdockTheMenace has made it two from two so far and has obtained the maximum 60points but with Monza rescheduled and today's race taking place for the first time in Italy, it remains an unknown how big of a factor that will play into this.

What we do know is PX7-Rodrigo has been putting in the hours during the week, looking for that extra tenth or hundredth of a second, anywhere he can and is most determined to deny Murdock another win.

Top 5 Predictions

  • PX7-Rodrigo

  • PReC-Autista

  • MurdockTheMenace

  • RR_Katch

  • SirPsycho_666

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