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RaceOnOz Sunday Night GT Sport - Preview

RaceOnOz Sunday Night GT Sport - Preview

Feb 21, 2021

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In just a couple of hours the third round of the Sunday Night GT Sport league, run by RaceOnOz will get underway.

Last week our top 5 looked like so:

  • CaptainRisky21

  • ERT_Noodles

  • TwitchyGT (PEN)

  • Mike--ekiM

  • Normxc

We also had some post race penalties awarded:

Pit Lane Cuts (5sec penalty)

  • Twitchy

  • Viperzed

Track Limit Extensions (5sec penalty)

  • Twitchy

  • Groover33

  • Apex_64

Twitchy's 5sec penalty ultimately resulted in his demotion from 2nd to 3rd

Current DIV 1 Points

After Round 2:

Our Predictions for the top 5 this week

  • CaptainRisky21

  • TwitchyGT

  • Rangeraus

  • ERT_Noodles

  • Viperzed

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