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RaceOnOz - PRO Class ACC Round 2 Preview

RaceOnOz - PRO Class ACC Round 2 Preview

Feb 23, 2021

Round 2 - Paul Ricard

Tonight's race for the PRO Class drivers will be a very different event, when compared to what and how each car performed at Zolder two weeks back. One huge factor which you cannot miss is the nature of Paul Ricard, all the run-off areas are brightly coloured stripes of red and blue, of which are slightly abrasive and slow the cars down, when out of control. The idea is the cars slow down when in contact, much like how standard gravel traps functions in motorsport. This means abusing track limits is much easier and even unintentional extensions of the track limits are more common, so expect some drive-through's to be handed out.

When it comes to race pace, the favoured car on top end speed alone, is the Ferrari EVO, especially since the Mercedes EVO has taken a BOP hit. The telemetry reports that the Scuderia can achieve atleast 10kp/h more, especially down the back straight.

As for expectations on track expect JJ_Penguin_86 to be on the podium but a-river-runs stands a good chance of taking both pole position and the win today. We could also see slambobagan slide his way onto the top steps, due to his advantage in that Ferrari tonight.

Points After Round 1

Top 5 Predictions

  • a_river_runs

  • JJPenguin_86

  • slambobagan

  • nigegunz

  • Tymorgo

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