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Dementia: The Island Journey is now comp ...

Dementia: The Island Journey is now complete!

Jul 27, 2023

We have officially completed the documentary!

The idea came about in 2019 when I was approached to be part of the documentary, but unfortunately, I didn't have the means to facilitate my involvement in the project. I was left with an idea and no resources. I applied for film funding but wasn't successful in attaining finances, so I decided to leave it to the community by launching this crowdfunder. It took about 2 years to raise over £4000, I had to rework the entire idea to fit within the budget, which meant working with a new team.

COVID was on the rise when I was ready to film, I had to take an executive decision to hold off for another year as I didn't want to document which I felt like it wouldn't be a true representation of our society, as this was something we haven't experienced before.

As with most documentaries, this project wasn't without trials and tribulations. In the last stages of completing this film, I was unemployed. I received a grant from Arts & Homeless International to cover this month's rent. But with all of your contributions and accountability, we've reached the finish line! 🏁
Your donations allowed me to book my flight to Dominica to film, and to hire a professional editor, student runners, videographers, photographers, and a professional service company. 

So the million-dollar question, what’s next? A new journey: distribution. 

The documentary will be going through a series of film festivals globally, it has already been submitted to a film festival in Trinidad 🇹🇹 . Will keep you updated on screening, but in the meantime, I’ll be sending out rewards from the buymeacoffee campaign sometime today/tomorrow!

Please follow the film socials for additional updates and content:

Instagram, Twitter & Facebook 

Thank you to everyone who made this film possible! God bless you richly!

With love,


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