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Finding Your Place...

Finding Your Place...

Oct 10, 2021

Have you ever watched one of those films where someone gets lost? Maybe it was in the woods, at sea, in a large building, or travelling somewhere. What inevitably happens when they realize they're lost?

They freak out.

In every one of our lives, we many times face the feeling of being lost. And what's our inevitable response?

We freak out.

One of the interesting things in life is finding where you're intended to be. Okay let's be more realistic: it's one of the most frustrating things in life. Let's not lie about it. LOL

With any frustration though comes the refreshing freedom of fulfillment. And we don't find that feeling often. Can I be direct and say it's no doubt because we aren't chasing what we're intended to be after? We're lost.

I personally have been struggling in this very part of life, and so I know it very well.

Finding your place and feeling lost can be daunting. Frustrating. Exciting. Anxiety-inducing.

But many times we miss the reality that should encourage us about this: we actually have a purpose!

How often do we dwell instead on the fact that we are wanted by our Creator? That we're created with a plan and a purpose? That, although we may struggle to know, understand, or follow the path that we've been created for, there is a path after all?

This is something I have to constantly pull back into view as I aim to constantly be faithful to the Lord's call on my life. Otherwise, if His plan is for you to be patient and wait upon Him while He shapes you for the very thing He has for you, you over look it in anger and frustration.

Again, I know this very well.

You may not know what your place is right now: know that it's okay. In fact, it may actually be GOOD.

Take a breath. A deep one. Even right now. And be reminded of God's goodness. Of His love and desire for you.

And also know that you're not alone - I have, am, and will no doubt continue to face this as well.

Be encouraged today.

In Christ,


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