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Jul 19, 2022

I've been making jellyfish lately, just the two so far but I will be making more over time as I quite like them and the different things you can do to make them. It is different from my usual work although they did not require any new techniques to make, though my dad bought me some fancy fishing line to hang them up by. Like a few of my sculptures, the jellyfish are not actually made as one piece. The inside spiral strands are not attached to the work but to the fishing line. The ones of the large jellyfish are on an upside-down dome that sits nicely against the top dome but I did not want to risk breaking beads or having strange lumps in the beadwork so did not attach it to the top unnecessary. 

Jellyfish are common in the ocean of my hometown of Mackay, making swimming on the beach in warm weather unadvisable. Sometimes when we were walking on the beach we would find a washed-up jellyfish. Such a strange creature, deadly and beautiful, but strange. 

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