Weekly Writing Prompts (July 18th)

Weekly Writing Prompts (July 18th)

Jul 18, 2022

Need some writing prompts to get you motivated? Set a timer and spend 15 minutes on these prompts.

MONDAY - Look at the picture above. Write anything that comes to mind while you look at the picture for 15 minutes. (Use your five senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch)

TUESDAY - What does "success" mean to you as a writer? Does it mean awards? A certain dollar amount each year? Selling 100 books a month? Publishing a book a year? Write down what your idea of success looks like.

WEDNESDAY - CHARACTER PRACTICE: Write down ten good luck rituals an athlete could have before a game. Do they pray? Tap their foot 6 times on one foot and 8 on the other? Put a slice of cheese in their sock? Write down ten ideas, and then write about an athlete preparing for a game.

THURSDAY - Write down one day in the life of a monk, from the monk's point of view.

FRIDAY - Write for 15 minutes based on this word: incense

SUNDAY - Listen to "Man in the Moon" by Alan Walker x Benjamin Ingrosso and write a scene based on the song (Then go watch the official music video to support the artist!)


Feel free to post some of your writing in the comments!

See you next week!

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