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New here! A few links to get started on ...

New here! A few links to get started on content

Aug 01, 2023

Instead of a long post, I will offer you a few links to investigations, Rumbles and opinion pieces that I have put together. Remember: the longer we are in this scenario - called life - the more we learn about the players that sometimes come on stage, say their lines, and then the games begin from there. (Home page)


The Hunter Biden Dossier: an investigation on 2 U.S. LNG Export projects that have Hunter's telltale connections tied to them. This is an active DEAL. PDF download and presentation.

The Short History of the 2020s: Or How to Take Over The World, Part 2

The Labyrinth Connects New ARPA-H Director to a Big Disease

Opinion Pieces

Multi-Polar Multiverse of Divorces

MP3: The Hierarchy of Horrible Humans

The Time for Words is Short

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