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Hairy Fairy Shadow People -Do they pick ...

Hairy Fairy Shadow People -Do they pick you when your young?

Apr 18, 2021

I am often asked by people if it is possible to hide away a memory that is too difficult to handle at the time? Speaking to hundreds of witnesses over the years has taught me that it is more than possible, in fact it is very common. On a personal level I to have filed away memories many of us would assume would always be in the forefront of your mind. For some folk it is like that, their experiences are branded into their brain and they will return to them constantly during the day and night. Others often have no memory at all, until something triggers that memory. It can be a smell, sound, feeling or even a place. Suddenly you are taken right back to that day in the past. You can smell, taste and feel it as if you are back there. I remember the smell of lavender and garlic, I remember how warm the sun was. I remember everything about his face. Every single crease and crinkle. What I remember the most is abject fear. 

When I saw the Man-Ape I was so scared I locked everything down tight and I filed it away for as long as I could. All the while it was eating away at me inside. When I finally spilled everything in the interview for Elusive I started to remember other things that had happened to me growing up. I went back to the park and memories of earlier events flooded back. I had a number of weird events at Buile hill you would class as strange, many of which were long forgotten until I began searching for answers of my own. Each visit back there reminded me of an incident I had long forgotten. I had those incidents filed away separately. Each one boxed off in its own compartment. 

My daughters would mention events from their childhood that were somewhat impossible or really scary, yet I had forgotten them all until the conversation was had. Lots of 'Do you remember when this happened' or 'I remember when we were at the park and' sentences. Each one retelling an incident I cant explain or that scared me so much the kids saw my fear.

I suppose it like those people who move into a series of haunted houses. Eventually you work out its you not the house. Now I realise the events that happened were probably all related and as I manage somehow to come to terms with each memory a new one would often present itself.

This also happens to many people whether they are witnesses or not. I have met people who have told me nothing strange has ever happened to them, until they hear a report, visit an area or bump into an old friend or relative who remembers an event you dont. One chap that I have known for many years now, and someone I would consider a friend has always had an interest in the Cryptids, Bigfoot, Dogman, UFO's and the Unexplained. In his later years he has researched quietly behind the scenes and he has begone to remember some incidents lost in time. The first event with something impossible to explain that happened to Steve was hidden away, until he returned to a place he knows like the back of his hand and an old memory from 46 years ago came rushing from the mist.

Searching for the Wose.

Witness Reports Steve White : "Here is some of the information you asked for Deb, its about my first sighting, honestly it's been a difficult one to make. It describes some of my experiences in Ashbridge I had as a child before I was ever involved with this subject or knew what a Woodwose was. I spent many hours playing as a child, or visiting over the years on the Ashbridge estate. Last year when I visited I had a distinct memory of an incident I had pushed away. The area is owned and protected by the National Trust and the walks there are beautiful. Its like walking back into time.

I felt a feeling of dread when this happened, and even in later incidents I have felt that same It has always been like that for me. And it is something I have been struggling with as long as I can remember. As a kid I would call the things I felt and 'knew' as the Hairy Fairy Shadow People. If I tried to see them in my minds eye I would see a shadowy hairy figure. I remember distinctly seeing their shadows but never their faces. It was a feeling that would come over me suddenly and I would 'know' they were in the trees and bushes watching me.

The feeling isnt ethereal or wispy, its a very real feeling, its a knowing rather than a seeing if that makes sense. Its like eyes boring into you from the woods or the bushes.

When we were children my parents would take us to Ashbridge and would play in the woods and hide in the ditches, running up and down just enjoying ourselves.

I was 6 or 7 years old, myself and my brother were just running and playing, my brother was 4 or 5 and he soon tired and went back to Mum. I felt drawn down into the ditch and a thickly wooded spot. 46 yrs ago it looked very different. But being there takes me right back to that day. I could hear something moving around. I saw a jerky movement going in and out of the trees. I was a shadow and it had really wild shaggy hair. I ran as fast as I could back to Mum and Dad.

Even now 46 yrs on I am very confused by the event itself and the memory returning. I must have repressed that? I think it might be because I was so young and so scared. I remember I didnt tell mum and dad.

I can still see it now, it was flitting from place to place, jerky but fluid movements. I dont think I saw a shadow person, I think I saw the shadow of someone hiding in those trees. I now think it was possibly a woodwose.

I have had a few incidents over the years that I now think are connected. I hadn't put the pieces together until I revisited the area last year. Now I have all the normal questions, What are they? Where are they from? Its on my mind constantly. Other incidents that have happened over the years. Do they 'pick' you when your young? Is there something different about the people they choose to show themselves too?

Over the years Steve has come into contact with a number of our wild folk. Is it something about Steve that enables him to see and experience them? Is it sheer coincidence. Or are the encounters engineered in some way? We hear over and over from child witnesses like Steve. Early events in childhood are locked away until we reach another chapter in our life and they show themselves again? Why would they do this? Surely it would of been so easy for them to have remained hidden.

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