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Breaking News, The Beast of Winter Hill ...

Breaking News, The Beast of Winter Hill Strikes Again.

Feb 04, 2021

BBR Investigators find two further Sheep Kills during their Investigation. Evidence Finds Time Stamp 0.01 - 3.07 Interview Timestamp 3.08 As you know it was only in October of 2020 that Two men from the Bolton area had a run in with what has become known as the Winter Hill Beast. Today Mick Mclaren and Carolan Smith BBR's Official Members and leading Investigators in the North West of England went back up to Winter Hill as they are carrying out a number of investigations in the area. Mick contacted me from the field as there were new sheep kills there when they arrived. I have to warn you that some of these images will be distressing. This is not a clean kill. There were two carcases laying out in the rocky fields. One had a twisted spine the second had huge bite marks on its neck, the internal cavities were empty and there was still fresh blood present around the necks of both sheep. Mick kept and checked some of the bones for DNA and it does look like there is some DNA present.

There were also signs of teeth marks on some of the bones. I include a link to Micks & Carolans Youtube Channel so you can access the original Beast of Winter Hill reports and the interview with the two witnesses Dave and Adam. Both men were up on the Hill late one night at the end of October. The men discovered a very fresh sheep kill that was still steaming. The rib cage of the sheep had been pulled in to. As they scanned with their torches they saw something hunched over with yellow eyes watching them around the kill. They heard a number of growls and they sensed they were being followed all the way back to the car. Mick and Carolan interviewed both gentleman within 48 hrs of the incident. If you would like to help in the investigation or have any information you wish to share on the Winter Hill/Rivington Pike area and would like to speak to myself or Mick you can do so by emailing me at [email protected] or Mick at [email protected] Any updates will be aired on Micks channel first, so I would subscribe if you are interested in knowing where this case will lead.

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