Trust Your Magic: Divine Abode

Trust Your Magic: Divine Abode

May 29, 2022

Today I am choosing to trust my magick. 🕯 Today I am choosing to hold hands with the World we deserve, and release clinging to the edge of the trust fall into the arms of Source, The Universe, God, what have you. ❤️‍🔥 I choose to practice reminding myself that my body knows that holding onto anger, blame, shame & fear only grips it’s hands tighter around my own neck, suffocating me from being able to show up every day & Breathe along with you All. Our Source. That which we all Share. 🌎

Today I am choosing gratitude for being able to feel the highest of Love, and the lowest of Despair. Today I am grateful to be alive for the Divine Both/And, for the Space between with which my life pendulates…because I know I would choose to be Alive for it All, again and again, than locked in a cage of my own fear of disbelieving that the Universe has my Back.

Today I choose courage, vulnerability, empathy and compassion.

Today I choose rawthenticity.

And tomorrow I will choose the same.

And with every day forward in my Time.

-Deanna Sophia-

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