Make Space For Grief : Make Space For Jo ...

Make Space For Grief : Make Space For Joy

May 30, 2022

Joy IS the raft, upon which we may collect the tangled, burdened & frayed nerves of all those within arms reach. Joy is not a navigable destination, it is the very clasping of hands that reaches through the surge and reconnects One life to All lives.

Joy is the net we weave in the clasping. It is what we gather to ensure those without hands to reach are reeled in tighter, closer, reminded that they too are buoyed by the surrender to hands to trust.

Joy is the purposeful remembering that in any moment of lost hope, it’s enough to choose to joy once more. Because it is the nature of rafts to simply carry…no matter the name of the River of tears. 💧🌊☸️🕸🌎❤️‍🔥🙏🏻🕯

The Artistic Mystic Formerly Known As Danger,

-Deanna Sophia-

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