1 Year Mindfulness Coach Training Comple ...

1 Year Mindfulness Coach Training Completed

Feb 22, 2022

Today I submitted my 1st teaching practicum for certification approval! 🙌🏻

I have been at this for MONTHS…12 to be exact! 🎉 …Taking in this incredible learning, letting it seed within me, settle, break forth and come to the surface in a way that I believe best serves my community. 🧡

Mindfulness is both a tool AND a skill to cultivate for self care.

To me, self care is about survival, and learning how to help ourselves & each other through the hard stuff. Self care HAS to be accessible. Self care is fundamentally, community care, and community care is WORLD CARE. 🌎🌈♻️🙏🏻

This is just a taste of the ethos behind my teaching approach to Mindfulness meditation… a trauma-sensitive approach, coached by a trauma-survivor. Every day, what has been passed onto me becomes more alive & flowering of gifts…and as a DIY, backyard gardener… I’m not here to feed myself alone. 🌎🌹🐝

🧘🏻 Stay tuned right here for class info when it’s announced, and for FREE TOOLS & guidance to get you started on your own meditation journey. 🏳️‍🌈

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