Role Graph for PostgreSQL

Role Graph for PostgreSQL

Mar 07, 2023

Thank you for considering showing your gratitude for the Role Graph for PostgreSQL pseudo-extension that I've created.

If you haven't made your way to the GitHub repo for the project, or my post about it on my website, please take some time to learn more about this project there.

I have released the code under the PostgreSQL License so you can indeed use it for free. But I hope you will consider that supporting such efforts, both in this and my broader historical contributions to the PostgreSQL community, in a manner commensurate with your conscious and ability, is how the open source community should operate.

All that said, this project provides four main areas of value to the PostgreSQL community:

  1. The role_graph view itself, providing in-database insight into the web of role memberships and related permissions.

  2. A commented example of Dynamic SQL that generates permanent views within the database.

  3. A commented example of a Recursive Common Table Expression (rCTE)

  4. An example of a psql-based test-driven script with output file regressions.

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