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Items: Forgotten

Items: Forgotten

Jan 28, 2021

++ Items: Forgotten ++

Along the way, I produced a series of chapbooks of visual freeverse poetry called “Items: Forgotten“.

The poems were written in a clinic the Himalayas, a ship in Arabia, and the ruins in Mediterranean, various islands, atolls & cheap hotels - then attached to vintage hotel letterhead acquired from a tiny Greek Monastery in (a heavily Hasidic) Montreal neighbourhood, assembled in off-strip Las Vegas, shared in Utah canyons... and now distributed to points unknown.

Each piece was uniquely augmented with stamps – both postal and ink – and i made a few handbound (using a few different techniques). 

There are now 6 series of these visual poems to share as nights roll by. 

Overall, the pieces explore themes of wandering lost, losing friends, scraping beneath the crust of culture and myth, remixing identity, connecting the history to the present in all it’s vagaries, and considering what becomes of our story when we vanish... naturally made with affection.

Attached are a few samples and now, you can order vols 1-2 as ebook via this channel for a token amount.

Once i get rolling, i’ll make some fresh analog versions as these feel so nice in the hand to wonder about wandering and imagine the circumstances behind each unique riff. 

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