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Mar 14, 2020

Well it seems the end is nigh, everyone is locking themselves away and events are closing. I am a self taught small business and my only income is from selling online and attending conventions, so far, I've had 5 conventions postpone their events meaning that March, April and possibly May my income will not support me. I rely on events to survive, I am a small business and I am proud of what I do but I can only do so much. I please urge all of you to be sensible during this pandemic but please do spare a thought for everyone who is a sole trader or small business, we rarely get a day off, we don't get sick pay, I haven't got a pension scheme. I manage all this as well as care for my disabled father. I do not claim any benefits and do not wish to rely on government handouts but in times like this, small business suffer and some do have to close. I do not want to close, I get so much joy out of what I do and creating items for people.

So please support me if you can, follow me on INSTA or TWITTER (@FTSHADOWS),

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(use code COVID19SUCKSARSE to get a discount) I am only able to ship within the UK at the moment.

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Anyone who donates anything to my buy me a coffee page will receive a free blaze of gory screenplay pdf

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Thank you all for your support I hope this is all temporary, stay safe.

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