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2021 January/February

2021 January/February

Jan 11, 2021

So we made it, 2020 was , lets face it ... shit! but we managed to get through it. During the time of March to December i struggled, I'm not going to lie, I didn't know what to do, I felt isolated, alone and depressed. But i'm stubborn, I powered through and most importantly I will not give up what I love doing and that is creating. Its gonna be a while before conventions happen again so I looked at what i make and thought, both you and I deserve something new.

I have come up with a project that I want to see complete. During the lock down months from March to December I took up drawing again, I now have a pile of drawings of horror houses, places that I'm glad I wasn't in when lock down was implemented, The Bates mansion, The Evil Dead Cabin, all the drawings I am now going through, adding finishing touches and want to mount up and offer to you.

I call the Project, Lock Down Coulda been Worse

To finish these off I need to get some boarder mounts and backing card. As soon as i have done so ill be offering them here first.

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