Quick Life Update

Quick Life Update

Oct 29, 2021

Hello there - wanted to give a quick update!

I know I haven't been super active on here lately - honestly, when I started the content creation thing, I was trying to do A LOT (I had the primary Dating Bitch blog, a tarot blog, all my socials, and then I started both a Ko-Fi and Buy Me a Coffee account.)

As you can probably imagine, it all started to become too much. I was trying to do everything and getting pretty burnt out, so I needed to narrow down my focus.

I decided to get rid of my Tarot blog and focus my energy on improving The Dating Bitch.

Thus, I expanded my niche to make the Dating Bitch a Lifestyle blog. I started working on my domain authority and offering Advertising spots on my site for fellow bloggers.

Recently, I've also opened up a Gumroad shop! There, I've got some Media Kit templates for content creators and I'll be adding my first E-book soon. (eek!!) (find it at https://datingb.gumroad.com/)

Anyway, all of that said, I was initially planning to use Ko-Fi & BMC as a way to share additional blog posts and poetry. Now that the dating bitch is a lifestyle blog, sharing additional blog posts here isn't really necessary. And sharing poetry here started to feel fruitless.

So, for now, I'm just going to use these Coffee shop sites as a way of offering Tarot readings and sharing updates.

Thanks for all the love!

- K.

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