Shade from Disciples 2

Shade from Disciples 2

Jun 13, 2022

"The eerie appearance of the Shade inspires paralyzing fear in all living beings" - this is a brief description of this unit of the Undead Hordes from Disciples 2. In general, something similar comes to mind when looking at the portrait of the Shade: this incorporeal creature of a hideous appearance, similar to on a dried corpse wrapped in a blood-colored veil.

I had two options on how to depict the Shade in the chosen style: either start from the portraits of the Specter or the Wraith, or use the portrait of female undead units. The first option was simpler and more logical - yet in Disciples Sacred Lands the Specter - like the previous Shade unit with a paralyzing attack - looks like something like a mutilated remains of a head without a lower front part, so it would be logical to draw the Shade also, just in red color. The second option was more difficult, but, in my opinion, more interesting - in the end, the game artists in part 2 themselves came up with this, depicting the entire paralyzing line in the form of an otherworldly kind of feminine creatures.

Having come to this decision, I took the portrait of the Banshee as a basis, took some details from other female portraits of the Hordes and deliberately made the portrait monochrome, like the Banshee and the Ghost - I think this shows the ghostly character well.

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