Arcomage Remake 0.3-alpha updates!

Arcomage Remake 0.3-alpha updates!

Jul 25, 2021

Hello everyone! I graduated from the university and received a diploma, already managed to get a job. Had been ill with COVID-19, without complications, suffered in a relatively mild form. And I'm ready to work on the remake further!

I worked on localizations, and now the cards of the Russian locale are completely localized!

There are still problems with the fact that the names of the cards do not fit in the Russian locale, but in general everything works fine.

Also, for locales other than the English, the resources panels will look a little different, due to the fact that the names of these same resources do not fit in the place where they are located in the English locale. I just moved them up, as it was in the Russian version of Arcomage for PC. Here is a little example of it in-game:

Of the current plans, I would like to note that I want to rewrite the AI ​​for the bot. It works very strangely, and sometimes hangs up the game. I would like to get rid of this, and teach him how to use cards with forced discards. I need to finish the animation of the appearance of the card in the deck, I still haven't figured out how to do it correctly. I may have to rewrite something, I hope this will not be a big problem.

This is all news for the current day. Thank you for your attention!

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