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Is An MBA Worth It?

Is An MBA Worth It?

May 19, 2022

Answer: An MBA is worth it if you never leave the program, figuratively speaking.

I earned my MBA with a Strategy concentration in 2017 from the Pamplin School of Business at the University of Portland. That I still identify as an MBA means something to me. No, I don't care about the letters. To this day I read, write, study, conceptualize, collaborate and share as if I'm still preparing for classes.

Instead of lectures, reports and presentations I support others with the knowledge I have and continue to gain.

I share my MBA. Accordingly, I create value for my employer and its employees.


I have great interest in 2 areas of continued study:

  • Learning how my organization is designed, derivatively functions, and makes operational decisions.

  • How to support the ambitions of others to meet their promise and potential.

2 Coworkers Use My MBA

Take 2 coworkers for example (these are actual instances). One wants to climb the corporate ladder; the other has no interest in working for the employer.

How the organization operates affects them differently.

My MBA comes into play as I can articulate to the former both how to navigate the organization and use business tools to actively do so; meanwhile, I have put forth the largely intangible concept of strategy in a way that the latter employee can gain utility in pursuit of a career goal she never knew she had.

Both are consultative opportunities. Both circumstances mean a life positively affected. All 3 of us grow.

I share my MBA. Accordingly, I create value for my employer and its employees. So yes, it's worth it. Thus, I am and will continue to find ways to be Danny Rehr, MBA.

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