It was a beautiful day but a hard night.

It was a beautiful day but a hard night.

Jan 19, 2021

Yesterday started out with a beautiful sunset. I was at The Great Geysir. I hope you saw my live stream there, if not you can always rewatch it on my facebook page. I will try to do a lot more of daytime live stream and take you guys with me as we explore the beautiful Icelandic landscape.

For the aurora hunt last night. It was very difficult, had to drove around 2hr searching for a clear sky. Weather forecast are never on point here in Iceland as things can change very quickly.
It was very windy conditions and the only spot I found was beside a road in Selfoss with a little gaps of the sky. Luckily I got to do a little live stream last night.

I just want to say thank you once again for all your support. This means a lot to me. I included some of the photos that was taken yesterday. You welcome to download it and use it as you like.

Let me know if there’s any locations you want me to visit next, maybe you want to see the glacier or waterfall. I know you wish you can be here in person but hopefully this will keep your spirits up during this time.

Thank you again and hopefully see you on the next live streams


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